'Fire Emblem Heroes’ Guide In Using Hero Feathers

By Allan , Updated Feb 06, 2017 05:50 PM EST

A new “Fire Emblem Heroes” game has just been out and the new installment not only brings a new story but also new items like the Hero Feathers. This item can be received by finishing different tasks in the game and is a vital component to level up the player’s character. So this article is all about guiding players how to use it in the game.

What is are Hero Feather

In the previous installments of “Fire Emblem Heroes”, players use the Hero Crest to level up their characters. The same procedure is used in the new game but with additional tasks to successfully level up. Each hero in the game comes with a star rating that differs from 1 star to 5. And a hero’s rating can be improved through the use of a Hero Feather.

How to Use Hero Feathers

According to Forbes, Use the Hero Feathers and Badges to improve the star rating of a hero which at the same time upgrades their potential. This can be done by leveling up the player to level 20 and go to the Allies tab and look for the Advanced Growth button. Of course just like all “Fire Emblem Heroes”, a hero’s rating will go back to level 1 when it is increased. Players must also remember that effects of items differ based on a character’s rating. For instance, one to three-star heroes requires Hero Feathers and a Badge while higher star heroes need Great Badge with the Hero Feathers.

How to Get More Hero Feathers and Great Badge

The best and easiest way to get more Hero Feathers in “Fire Emblem Heroes” according to Primagames is by finish main campaigns in the game. Each campaign completed gives 10 Hero Feathers and will be received every time a chapter is completed. As for Badges and Great Badges, players can get it via the Training Tower that will only open when the Prologue chapter is finished. Finish the following chapters and receive more Stratums for the training tower and receive higher badges.

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