‘Dark Souls 3’ 1.10 Update Details & Changes

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Feb 07, 2017 05:03 PM EST

“Dark Souls” is one of the most popular RPG titles of the current century and with each consecutive installment, it becomes more and more popular. Spawning stories and even legends about its merciless difficulty and unforgiving mechanics it has become a part of popular culture lore, as everything from “git gud” to “YOU DIED” is linked with this one single piece of game history.

“Dark Souls 3” the latest installment in the “Dark Souls” series has not yet had its complete run. Attack of the Fanboy has announced that there is a new patch coming to the game. The update known as 1.10 will soon be live in the game and will deliver fixes and content which have been long awaited. “Ashes of Ariandel” was the first DLC to be released to “Dark Souls 3”, it offered new areas to explore, new bosses to fight and new items to seek through the game’s merciless dungeons. What new is coming to the game before the official release of the second DLC?

WWG shares additional information on the coming changes with the “Dark Souls 3” 1.10 patch. First of all, fans of the game may rejoice and finally take a sigh of relief as aggressive players have been banned from entering your realm during boss fights. This is a great improvement on the game, as nothing is more frustrating than fighting a giant rat/wolf/spider creature for three days straight, leave it on a single hit and then perish from another player’s sword. Other fixes that come are a fix where the first part of an action skill could be skipped, a fix which disables the enchantment of items which should not be allowed to receive such. Another issue addressed is a bug which allowed for certain items to be used indefinitely.

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