Pokemon Duel’ Guide: Where To Get Coins

By Allan , Updated Feb 07, 2017 05:25 PM EST

Getting coins in “Pokemon Duel” is not like how it is earned in the usual Pokemon games. It is a strategy board game so getting coins will be a bit more complicated. So this article provides a step by step guide of ways how to earn more money in the game.

The easiest way to get money in the game is to buy coins via micro-transactions. It's not really a requirement to use real money in the game but some might prefer it if they need to use the coins right away. For this method, all the player needs to do is purchase more coins in exchange of real money paid via their credit card.

Another way to earn coins according to Gamerant is to complete story quests in the game. Although “Pokemon Duel” focuses on Player vs Player mode, it still has a campaign for single players where they can earn coins for every quest completed. To access the campaign, players should go to the menu then quests to start one. The game also has daily tasks that reward players with different game items. Although not every daily quest gives coins to the players, completing it every day can be beneficial for the player in the long run.

As for players who need coins right away but don’t want to spend any real money, there is one last option that they can consider according to Ranked Boost. It's trading their Plate or Pokemon for coins in the game and the amount of exchange is not really enough. It's actually better if the figures are used to upgrade other levels but can be done when coins are badly needed.

The price of the Pokemon figures depends on how rare they are. Common Pokemon gives 232 coins while uncommon ones give 417 coins. Rare Pokemon give better coins at 1670 while EX gives 3712 coins. As for the plates, Common plates give 93 coins, uncommon at 167 coins, and rare plates for 670 coins.

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