'Nioh’ Guide: How To Get Out Of The First Room Cell

By Allan , Updated Feb 07, 2017 05:33 PM EST

One of the challenges a player of “Nioh” will encounter in the beginning of the game is being trapped in the first room. Although quests in the beginning of any game are usually easiest, it can also be a bit challenging since players usually don’t have any weapons yet to use. So this article is all about guiding players how to survive and get out of the first room cell in the game.

The first thing a player has to do is go to the jail cell door to learn that it's locked according to Primagames. From this point, a tutorial should take place that teaches the player how to play the game. Players will have the option to hit the door or the spiritual being but both will not work. The only way out of the jail cell is to head left of the spiritual being and hit the wall below it.

It takes a few hits before the wall goes down so players just need to keep hitting it. Once the wall is down, IGN reports players will also have access to some freebies like Amrita Memories. Continue through the hallway until they see a guard where players have to be careful not to be seen.

Players need to knock out the guard to progress through the game. To do this, they must be close enough to hit him but being extra careful not to be hit too many times. Players can avoid being hit by quickly pressing the X button as each hit takes a big portion of the player’s health. Once the guard is down, he should drop a Bastard Sword and the key to the dungeon that players should pick up.

And before heading out of the dungeon, “Nioh” players should drop by at the room with light to find a chest that contains another Bastard Sword and the Tower of London Guard Boots.

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