'Nioh': Defeating The Second Boss Onryoki

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 09, 2017 08:56 PM EST

The "Dark Souls" influence is apparent when players are going through the many enemies and bosses in "Nioh." From the time gamers encounter the game's first boss, it becomes obvious that the entire game is hardly a pushover. However, player's skills are reportedly tested when they encounter the second boss called Onryoki. This guide will hopefully help make the fight a little more manageable.

Players should avoid approaching the boat unless they are prepared to take on the hulking beast. This is to make sure that gamers do not unnecessarily die and leave their grave stuck on the boss fight. It should be noted that Amrita and Guardian Spirit abilities are inaccessible if the player's grave is within a boss encounter area, as reported by Game Rant.

It is advisable for gamers to level up and collect items before they approach the Onryoki boss battle. Going around the village area and dispatching some of the smaller enemies can reward players with experience and items. Once adequately leveled up, "Nioh" players can assign points to increase William's health, which will greatly aid him against the upcoming boss encounter.

Collecting enough bombs, arrows, rifle ammunition and elixirs is very helpful before the boss fight, and assigning the items to d-pad shortcuts will obviously make them easier to use during the battle. When William is sufficiently leveled and players are ready with all items and ammo, players can then equip their favorite weapon to take on the demon. The type of weapons won't really matter if gamers are quick enough to dodge when needed.

First phase

According to Prima Games, the boss will start attacking William with two iron balls attached to chains. Players must pay attention which hand will initiate an attack. If the boss attacks with its left, players should shuffle to the right and start attacking the boss. Continue the same thing unless the demon attacks using both hands, which will require players to dodge to the side and quickly move away to avoid its spinning attack. Players should also avoid staying behind the boss due to his sudden spin attack.

Phase Two

Onyroki begins a new series of attack patterns once William whittles his health down to 75%. Players should avoid standing close to the boss in order to avoid his grab and ground slam attack. Sometimes the creature will do a small jump with a fist slam, which is the best time for "Nioh" players to get a few hits in then back off. He will also execute a three hit combo, which can be dodged and pick and throw the iron balls at the protagonist. Players should just stick with a hit and run tactic and the boss should go down.

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