'Super Mario Run': 2 Ways To Achieve 2K Free Coins Revealed

By Mia P. , Updated Feb 10, 2017 09:53 AM EST

"Super Mario Run" is giving away more than 2,000 free coins. This offer is available to players who can unlock the entire game or download the newest mobile game from Nintendo, which is the "Fire Emblem Heroes."

"Super Mario Run" Players Can Get Rewards In Two Ways

"Super Mario Run" players can claim their reward by downloading Nintendo's new title "Fire Emblem Heroes", then log in to "Super Mario Run." As previously reported, the rewards that contain the free coins will be found in the Gift Box.

On the other hand, "Super Mario Run" players may also get the 2,222 free coins by purchasing the complete $10 version of the auto-runner mobile game. According to reports, the coins are used to help rebuild the kingdoms within the game. Meantime, Nintendo recently gave 10 free Toad Rally Tickets to the "Super Mario Run" players when the game hits 50 million downloads in January.

"Super Mario Run", meanwhile, is also reported to add new content on a regular basis, which started with the new game mode "Friendly Run" that allowed players to compete with friends. The auto-runner game is now available on iOS devices, GameRant reported.

"Super Mario Run" Now Features Easy Mode

Reports indicate that "Super Mario Run" has added a new feature called "Easy Mode" that provides players with unlimited lives. When players die in the game, they get the chance to reappear in a bubble and then float back to the level prior to regaining control.

"Super Mario Run's" normal mode only allows the players to die a few times, but in easy mode, the players will not worry anymore about running out of bubbles. Meantime, although time limit has been removed by Nintendo, the players can still run up against it in the more difficult levels such as ghost houses or castles, Engadget reported.

Watch "Super Mario Run" Gameplay here:


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