‘Fallout Shelter’ PS4 Release May Not Happen; Game Developers Still Unsure

By Danny Smith , Updated Feb 10, 2017 10:14 AM EST

"Fallout Shelter" may not be available on PS4. In spite of the game's recent Xbox One launch, Bethesda marketing executive Pete Hines hints that he has no idea if "Fallout Shelter" PS4 launch will happen at all.

"Fallout Shelter" an original mobile game was a huge hit when it was first launched way back in 2015. True Achievements says that the game earned a whopping $5 million in just a span of two weeks. No wonder, game developer Bethesda exerted efforts into pushing the game release on Xbox One.

Despite the significant time lag since its initial release, Bethesda is positive that the game's Xbox One launch will exceed the performance of its predecessor. Unfortunately, Bethesda's optimistic mood does not apply to the question of the game's expansion to other consoles, including PS4.

Sony console owners ask Bethesda executive Pete Hines about the reease of the game on PS4 via Twitter. His "Dunno" response shut down hopes for a "Fallout Shelter" experience.

Hines added that the game was made for universal windows platform which is capable in supporting a wide variety of devices says Eurogamer.

Of course, this is not a dead end. Eventual "Fallout Shelter" release in PS4 is not a definite impossibility. However, it is clear that releasing the game on Sony's console is not among Bethesda's list of top priorities.

Reports claim that the Xbox One release is a relatively simpler choice. It seems like wiring the game for PS4 requires extra development efforts. PS4 users may have to rely on the old mobile version to enjoy a "Fallout Shelter" experience.

The "Fallout Shelter" release for PS4 and other novel consoles such as Nintendo Switch remains a mystery that only Bethesda can resolve. Gamers remain hopeful that the anticipated release will come out soon.

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