‘Battlefield 1’ Season Pass Includes Free Upgrade To Deluxe Edition

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Feb 10, 2017 11:53 PM EST

“Battlefield 1” is the second best-selling FPS of 2016. This is not a light title, nor is one that comes without expectations. To keep players interested, DICE have to deliver updates, fix bugs and supply enough content to keep the player base interested in the game, while bringing new players into the action. Here are the latest news surrounding the game.

Videogames Republic has announced that anyone who purchases a “Battlefield 1” season pass will also receive a free upgrade to the game’s Deluxe version. This means that everyone who has missed the opportunity to purchase a Deluxe copy of the game or has found it rather disadvantageous or too expensive has now received a second chance at receiving the special goodies coming with the game. Those who have already purchased a Deluxe edition of “Battlefield 1” will not receive any additional content, as the Deluxe version special content can be redeemed only once. Even though it is quite the bummer for certain people, the offer is still a good one for everyone who has a standard copy of the game or wants to get into it now.

Among other news, GameSpot shares that the first paid DLC coming to “Battlefield 1” named “The Shall Not Pass” will be made available for purchase in March. The DLC offers the colors of the French army, who wear blue uniforms, new weapons, a new game mode called “Frontlines” and two vehicles. The vehicles are the heavy tank named “Char 2C” and “St. Chamond” which is a lighter tank.

If you have ever wondered about the process of writing the story of “Battlefield 1” then you can go to the game’s official page, where a Q&A with the game’s writers has been shared. Among the questions come such as how did they work on the story and what the whole development process. Among the stronger parts of this interview are the stories of shaping the characters, their behavior and feelings, where the answer received was that they were trying to make their characters as human as possible. Humans are both courageous and cowardly, honorable and treacherous, funny and serious, finding the line between the two and the right balance of character is what shapes a story like the one represented in the single-player campaign of “Battlefield 1”. “Battlefield 1” is available for PC, PS 4 and XBOX One.

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