'Destiny: Rise Of Iron’ Vendor Xur’s Location For February 10 To 12 Revealed; Get The List Of Rare Items Available Here

By Allan , Updated Feb 11, 2017 12:23 AM EST

Vendor Xur’s location has just been revealed for this week, February 10 to 12, along with the list of rare items he has in store for players. This week, he can be found on the right side of Tower Hangar just by the fence. He will be there until this Sunday, February 12, 9 AM GMT offering players the latest rare weapons available in the game.

Every week, Vendor Xur visits the game and brings some of the rarest weapons and accessories a player can find in the game. He usually brings a new set of rare weapons every week but there are instances that he brings the same items for 2 consecutive weeks. However, this rarely happens so players are encouraged to get the weapons they like whenever it is available rather than forever miss the chance to have it.

This week, VG247 reports Vendor Xur brings rare armor selection like No Backup Plans Titan gauntlet, Apotheosis Veil Warlock helmet, and the Skyburners Annex Hunter helmet. From the three rare armors, the No Backup Plans Titan gauntlets is a must have as it allows its bearer to initiate a Force Barrier. When it comes to weapons, the Hawkmoon hand cannon is the best one Vendor Xur has to offer. Not many are impressed with its capabilities but the new balance patch may make this weapon more useful soon.

As for the prices of the weapons, Gamerant reports No Backup Plans Titan gauntlet costs 13 Strange Coins which is the same price for SKyburners Annex Hunter Helmet and Apotheosis Veil Warlock Helmet. The Hawkmoon Hand Canon cost 23 Strange coins while the Legacy Chest Piece Engram is a bit higher at 29 Strange Coins.

Activision is already working on the release of “Destiny 2” and is scheduled for release this year. They have already released teasers for the upcoming game including a cinematic story, content expansions and the goal of the new storyline for the game.

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