‘Gears Of War 4’: New Map & A Week-Long Event For Valentine’s Day

By Danny Smith , Updated Feb 12, 2017 10:15 PM EST

As Valentine's Day is fast approaches, Microsoft surprises the gamers with the week-long "Gears of War" event and updates. Microsoft had shown the players their Valentine's Day event of "Gears of War 4" which started yesterday. The event features the week-long return of Torque Bow Tag, the popular holiday-inspired multiplayer-mode. Daily Valentine's themed bounties and a new craftable character were also included in the limited-time event. The event also introduces Impact Dark and War Machine, the "Gears of War 4" new maps.

The two additional maps will remain in the game when the fleeting holiday-themed event will come to an end, according to Engadget. The two new maps include the remake of the Impact in Gears 4 arena, called Impact Dark. This new map features the covering of the battlefield in visibility-reducing smoke which increases tension and swapping the original's bright daylight setting for the dark of the night F

War Machine is the other map accompanying the update. The map came from the popular War Machine stage from the original game which has been reimagined. From the dirty train station, War Machine had been uprooted from old. And finally making its way for the first time to "Gears of War 4", a grandiose looking COG settlement. The core map design that was remembered by the fans was remained intact, despite the drastic visual overhaul, as claimed by the developer The Coalition.

The new update for the "Gears of War 4" that was released yesterday will be available for Xbox One and PC, according to Venturebeat. The two new maps will cost $50 and are available for those who holds a season pass of the game. For players to keep on engaging in the game and avail the season pass to get some more of it, they should continue to have a content like the mentioned updates. On the other hand, a new level of difficulty and a new tier of skills for its multiplayer classes will be added on "Gears of War 4", because the game will be getting an update this summer.

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