TROPHIES: Here's PlayStation Home's Trophy List, Update Available Now

By CJ Melendez , Updated Mar 12, 2014 01:50 PM EDT

PlayStation Home has been updated to feature Trophies. As we reported earlier this week, Sony's virtual PlayStation world will see the introduction of unlockable trophies with its 1.86 client update. Trophies will be tied to procuring or buying in-game content such as clothing, furniture, and accessories. Items can be acquired through rewards from in-game tasks or by going to one of the many virtual shops to outfit your character in a variety of licensed items that cost real money.

Interactions with other players will also unlock trophies through repeated visits to new locations, visiting a friend's apartment, or playing PlayStation Home for fifty different days in total. That last one might be the hardest, because managing my real life takes up pretty much all of my time. But maybe you've logged into the game on fifty different occasion already, if so, the trophies are retroactive. As soon as you update the game, trophies should start to pop up if you've already accomplished the requirement.

Along with trophies (the list is below), PlayStation Home has received a new option and a bug fix. An option to mute player sounds coming from their Portable items has been added. It can be accessed through the Menu on the Safe Screen. As for fixes, general and unspecific improvements have been made to the game.


  • There's No Place Like Home - Visit PlayStation Home on 50 different days.


  • Wherever I Lay My Hat - Own 3 purchased or rewarded apartments or clubhouses
  • Brand New Toy - Own 3 purchased or rewarded portable items
  • Nice Gadget! - Own 15 purchased or rewarded furniture or active items


  • Welcome Home - Log in to PlayStation Home
  • A Place to Call My Own - Visit your Harbor Studio apartment
  • Interior Designer - Use 15 unique, purchased or rewarded furniture items in an apartment
  • Fresh Threads - Own 15 purchased or rewarded clothing items
  • A New You - Change each item of clothing individually on a male or female avatar
  • A Documentary - Take a photo on 10 different days
  • Welcome Guest - Visit a friend's apartment
  • Grand Explorer - Visit 20 unique spaces
  • Born to Dance - Perform 5 of the default dances

PlayStation Home released in 2008 as an open beta. Sony one pushed the service as an innovative and fun PlayStation only experience but have since focused on other efforts. But today's patch is evidence that they haven't abandoned the existing app. As for a PS4 release, we'll have to wait and see. 

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