The ‘RetroBlox’ Wants To Be A Virtual Console For All Of Your Old Games

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Feb 15, 2017 05:49 PM EST

There is a multitude of possibilities when it comes to emulating old systems on modern hardware, but no matter how full the market it, there is always place for more. Introducing the “RetroBlox”, a sleek, small machine, which can run games for PS1, SEGA CD’s, and many more, plus, it is paired with an amazing and intuitive graphical interface.

Kotaku shares the news of a new emulation hardware appearing on the market. The name of the console is “RetroBlox” and it is expected to offer full compatibility with Playstation 1 and SEGA CD’s together with Turbo Chips and Cartridges. Players will be able to upload their games on the console and a cloud like online service, which allows you to carry your games everywhere as long as you have online connectivity.
This feature is only available on original CD’s and cartridges, where pirated copies will not be recognized by the console and will not allow the user to upload them.

Hardcore Gamer shares additional information on the “RetroBlox”. The console’s online connectivity will not be used only for game storage. It will give users the possibility to take and share screenshots of their gameplay. Even better, players will be able to stream to Twitch at 1080p resolution, which will most probably bring a higher catalogue of streamed games to the streaming platform.

The “RetroBlox” official site shares the full technological specs of the console, together with their expectations on improvements coming in the future. Among the expected improvements are SNES support, NES support, Genesis support, TurboGrafx-16 support and many, many more. Of course high quality comes at a price, but the team behind “RetroBlox” has announced that the price of their console will be lower than the price of a standard Nintendo “Switch”, which at the moment is prices at $299.99. The Kickstarter campaign for the console is expected to be launched in April and then, gamers will be able to reserve their console. It will come in three different packages ( Base Unit + 1 Bluetooth Controller + 1 Selectable Element Module for a set price, Base Unit + 1 Bluetooth Controller + 3 Selectable Element Modules for a set price, Base Unit + 1 Bluetooth Controller + All 5 Element Modules for a set price).Additional controllers and element modules can be purchased through backing the Kickstarter campaign. The “RetroBlox” Kickstarter campaign will launch in April, 2017.

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