'Tekken' Comes To PC On Feb. 18 Alongside 'Heroes 2,' 'Halo Wars 2' & More; 'Tekken 7' Updated After 20 Years

By Mia P. , Updated Feb 15, 2017 05:54 PM EST

The "Tekken" PC game is slated to be playable only this weekend from Feb. 18-19 in the PC Gamer Weekender at the Olympia, London, in the UK. Players on the Xbox and PlayStation are set to reveal their skills on the "Tekken" PC game. In the meantime, "Tekken 7" gets new characters via a new update after two long decades.

Try "Tekken" PC For The First Time, Sneak Gameplay This Weekend

Previously, the "Tekken PC" developers have announced the release for "Tekken 7" on June 2, GamesRadar reported.  While several "Tekken" PC players are expected to be experts on the consoles, the "Tekken" PC developers are also expecting new players to try the series on the gaming platform for the first time.

It should be noted that the "Tekken" PC Game this weekend would be the latest as well as the final chapter in the Mishima Blood Saga. It should be noted that Day Passes are already available starting at  £12.99. Note that the "Tekken" PC game would be the first of the series on the said platform.

The Official PC Gamer Weekender site also noted that the "Tekken" PC developers are also bringing "Little Nightmares" to London this weekend. Several other games like "Heroes 2","Halo Wars 2" and "Dawn of War 2" are also included this weekend. CI Games is also bringing "Sniper Ghost Warrior 3" for all players.

"Tekken 7" Gets New Characters In An Update

In other news, the "Tekken" PC game is also expected to feature the updated "Tekken 7" Note that the game franchise previously got an update after more than two decades of foundational gameplay. Furthermore, the last two years also saw "Tekken 7" being tested by most of the world's best "Tekken" players in Japanese and Asian arcades, Basic Newz reported.

"Tekken" PC game is slated to include the new features added via an update with Fated Retribution including the new mechanic Rage Drive and several new characters like the Street Fighters' Akuma. The "Tekken" PC game is expected to be feature the most balanced and polished version to date. Watch "Tekken" PC Gameplay at the E3 2016 here:


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