'Watch Dogs 2' Latest Patch Notes Available; Seems To Hint A New Location; Where Will It Head Next?

By Febe AF , Updated Feb 16, 2017 11:59 PM EST

"Watch Dogs 2" had gone players curious on its new patch note. The latest patch note was already available and many players are wondering about the ending of the game.

A player may download the latest patch notes on the game's official website, WatchDogs. The latest patch notes have introduced many changes. The game's latest patch note is 1.11 where many areas have been opened up.

The patch note 1.11 of "Watch Dogs 2" has new clothing for players to enjoy and even emotes. Thus, if such player may choose to wear a different clothing, it may eventually produce a different dance move.

In addition, when a player chooses to use the dance emote, Vg47 says that it is a good excuse to try on "lots of different outfits montage." This latest patch note is said to be in preparation for the upcoming DLC.

 Furthermore, Kotaku reports that the latest patch note also adds a mysterious conversation which seems to hint at the series' future. Many players also wonder whether or not the game is hinting a new location.

The ending of the game still remains the same. Marcus Holloway, the game's protagonist, and his Dedsec hacking crew still beat their nemeses. They still broadcast their message of information freedom to the world. They still want to try to broadcast what really is going to the world. However, the game has included a mysterious audio conversation between two figures.

Another thing that made players curious is that the addition seems to hint a new location for the game. There are coordinates that seem to point towards Brixton, London. The DLC has been confirmed as taking place in San Francisco.

Until then, we may never know if "Watch Dogs 2" will ever get a sequel as it is still unclear. For now, players can enjoy the game. The patch will be 10GB on Ps4 and Xbox One, and 14GB on PC.

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