'Battlefield 1' Features, Gameplay & Prices: FPS Game Six War Stories Returns To WWI To End All Wars

By Paige McClure , Updated Feb 19, 2017 02:46 AM EST

"Battlefield 1", one of the most talked about and anticipated FPS game during its preliminary introduction on the open beta in 2016 is finally ready for its 2017 release. In this series, game players will be brought back into history to the beginning of all wars, WWI. The goal is To end all wars, featuring a new character, a destructive combat strategy presented in unparalleled graphics set in the silhouette of an emotional campaign.

The war stories of "Battlefield 1" are divided into six different and separate stories, according to PCAdvisor. Every war story has its unique feature, including a new character and a different gameplay along the WW1 elements of combat. As a recollection of the past, WW1 will usher each game player into the world of trench warfare, tanks ammunitions, horrifying bayonets and those small warplanes. The focus of the game is not on the glories of wars but on the horrors and tragedy these bring to human kind.

Additionally, Gamerant has articulated on the game offers of DICE, the developer of "Battlefield 1" to entice its large fanbase to patronize the game. This covers the new custom game mode known as Bleed Out, which models the newly crafted version of Rush. Taking a quick look, Rush is about the fast revitalization of fallen soldiers in combat. It also involves a slight tweaking of the mode and introducing face-to-face, close-quarters and fast - paced combat using weapons of the past.

"Battlefield 1" is now available for Microsoft PC. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Its price offers ranges from RRP: £55 in the UK and $60 in the US. For continuing updates about the game, gamers out there are advised to stay tuned to Gamenguide.

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