'Pokemon GO' Update To Reclaim Top Grossing Chart

By Ben Lindon , Updated Feb 21, 2017 03:41 AM EST

"Pokemon GO" is slated to get the new second generation Pokemon anytime within this week. It is expected that the update would be able to reclaim the app's spot on Apple's top grossing chart where it currently sits on the 13th. In the meantime, a recent update rebalanced movesets and rolled out changes to "Pokemon GO" like boosts for one time catching.

Niantic: To Keep Its Players Interested With Gen 2

The highly anticipated new monsters coming to the game are expected to boost the performance of "Pokemon GO" among gamers. It should be noted that players were once on a hype with "Pokemon GO" at launch as well as at events like the Halloween event. Previously, the "Pokemon GO" developer also rolled out both small and large updates including the baby Pokemon.

The highly anticipated update is set to be a major test for "Pokemon GO". Note that the game has an explosive revenue potential but is said to be weaker staying in power. Rumor has it that the update may not come with any of the user retention systems that "Pokemon GO" needs, Forbes reported.

Moreover, it is said that the "Pokemon GO" update may just provide a rehash of a similar cycle seen with the initial release. However, the update is believed to be exciting for the core user base since there will be loads more creatures to discover. On the other hand, Niantic is expected to launch Gen 2 with a new gameplay system.

Catch Bonuses, Rebalanced Movesets And 3D Shinies Revealed

In other news dataminers have revealed that chances of randomly encountering shinies in the wild may be very rare--1 in 1892, Express UK reported. Furthermore, a new nest migration has occurred in "Pokemon GO" as some nests have been disabled while others have been transformed into Gen 2 spawn points. Additionally, a number of Gen 1 movesets may be no longer available for some species as Lapras is no longer king of the Gym.

"Pokemon GO" baby Pokemon have also been confirmed spawning in the wild. There are also a few new berries like the Pinap, Nanab, Bluk, Wepar and the Razz Berry. Moreover, an added 50XP boost is now provided for "Pokemon GO" players who catch Pokemon in one go. Watch the official Gen 2 teaser trailer here:


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