'Final Fantasy' Long End Credits Achieve Guinness World Record & Two More; 'FF7' 'Kingdom Hearts 3' Images Revealed

By Ben Lindon , Updated Feb 22, 2017 04:30 AM EST

The "Final Fantasy" developers have expressed gratitude to loyal players referred to as the Meteor Survivors. "Final Fantasy" was able to grab three Guinness World records including one for their end-credits. In addition, images of the "Final Fantasy 7" rumored to be in the works has already been revealed.

"Final Fantasy" Wins Three Guinness World Records

The "Final Fantasy" developers recently obtained the World Record for the most prolific role playing game series. It should be noted that Square Enix has already developed 87 "Final Fantasy" games since launching the series 30 years ago, Cog Connected reported. In addition, "Final Fantasy XIV" is also slated to get the "Stormblood" expansion on June 20.

The "Final Fantasy XIV" was also recognized for having the longest end-credits in an MMORPG. Note that the "Final Fantasy XIV" end-credits clock in at one hour and 38 minutes. It is said that the length of the credits sequence could not have been achieved without including a host of legacy players who persevered throughout the game.

The "Final Fantasy" producer Naoki Yoshida expressed thanks to the loyal "Final Fantasy" players as the award is said to be a special achievement considering the journey "Final Fantasy XIV" players have undergone. "Final Fantasy XIV" was further recognized for having the most original compositions (384 in all) in a video game.

"Final Fantasy 7" Remake Snaps Revealed

In other news, Square Enix has confirmed that "Final Fantasy 7" Remake is a work in progress. The "Final Fantasy 7" director Tetsuya Nomura showed gamers a glimpse of the Remake at the 2017 Monaco Anime Game International Conference event. Moreover, Nomura also revealed a new image of "Kingdom Hearts 3" along with the two new screenshots of the "Final Fantasy 7" Remake gameplay, Slash Gear reported.

The "Final Fantasy 7" Remake is slated to feature the heroes Barret and Cloud battling the Guard Scorpion. Note that the enemy is one of the game's earliest boss enemies. Also revealed was an image of Cloud taking cover behind a crate amidst battling an enemy soldier. The sleek and minimal HUD menus were also shown.

"Final Fantasy VII" has its share of Guinness World Records too. Check it out here:


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