‘Pokémon GO’ Developer Says Storage Space Not Issue For 80 New Monsters; Discounted Additional Storage Is Gender-Specific

By Mia P. , Updated Feb 22, 2017 04:44 AM EST

"Pokémon GO' has recently received a new batch of characters.  There are more than 80 new Pokémon pocket monsters to catch, which means that players will be needing extra storage space.  Niantic Labs, the game developer, also have that in mind so they slashed the price for storage upgrades.

The storage discount promo started last Feb. 16 and will run until Feb. 28.  The normal cost for additional storage is 200 Poké Coins and will grant an additional 50 slots.  Now it only cost a 100 Poké Coins, which is around $1, Polygon reported.

"Pokémon GO" allows its players to store up to 250 pocket monsters without the need of purchasing extra storage.   Even with the latest addition of more than 80 characters to the more than 100 original Pokémon, players will still have a room to spare.  However, players do not keep a just a single Pokémon with them.  They always have extras or duplicates in the hopes of exchanging them into Candy, which is an important item in the game.

The latest update also brings in gender-specific variations of selected Pokémon.  There is also a new encounter mechanism that would make the pocket monsters react differently while they are getting caught, a new Poké Ball and Berry selections carousel at the encounter screen, two new Berries and several new avatar outfits and accessories, added Gamerant.

Additionally, "Pokémon GO" also received general changes with the latest update.  Players will now have to explore other areas in their communities since nest and spawn areas have changed.   Several game characters also received some re-balancing with their stats.  Some will be more powerful, while others will have less on them.  There are monsters that are now slower than before. Thus, Niantic also performed some changes on the Gym fighting to compensate for the changes made.

Espeon and Umbreon have also arrived to the game. Gamers can now turn their powerful Eevees to a Generation 2 evolution. Watch "Pokémon GO's" expansion game trailer:

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