‘Nioh’ Gameplay Guide: Drop Rate Feature Is Vital For Beginners; Bugs Discovered

By Mia P. , Updated Feb 22, 2017 05:13 AM EST

"Nioh" players are always on the hunt for higher tier items to equip their characters. Exotic forge materials, on the other hand, are required to create better armors and more powerful weapons. Players can take these several tips and tricks to get those better items.

The first thing to remember is, the items that one can collect is entirely dependent on the character's level. The higher the level, the more valuable the items and materials one can acquire. For a start, 'Nioh" players should equip their characters with items that come with a drop rate feature. One can then go to any sub mission and try to haunt the Revenants, according to Gearnuke.

Upon making contact with a Revenant, one needs to check if it contains a 50 percent purple gear drop. They are the ones that can provide the purple, rare and even exotic forge materials. They are also a great source of Amrita, the energy or in-game currency. Unwanted items can instead be sold or be given at the Shrine to level up.

It is also suggested to perform his technique with a friend. This will make both characters level up faster and farm faster. Completing a mission and proceeding to the Torii Gate to start another mission is another easy way to get powerful armor sets and exotic forge materials.

Short missions, such as The Ojehazama Incident Sub Mission in the Tokai Region, will let a team finish faster and collect more rewards. If one can craft a Luckbringer Talisman early on, the better. If done properly, one can collect more than 100 Purple items and about a million Amrita within 30 minutes of game time.

Meanwhile, "Nioh" players have discovered possible bug in the game. Several players have reportedly lost their high-level characters after creating a new character. Players seem to believe that the game overwrites an existing save after such action was performed, Gamespot reported.

"Nioh" players are advised to take precautionary measures before creating a new character. One should back up their characters first on an external storage device before doing anything with their character. There are also reports that saving to the cloud storage offered by PlayStation Plus does not guarantee a file's safekeeping at the moment.

"Nioh" was released last Feb. 7 for the PlayStation 4. Watch the "Nioh" review by IGN:

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