'Nioh': Upcoming DLC To Feature PVP & Harder Missions

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 22, 2017 05:27 AM EST

Koei Tecmo's "Nioh" has reportedly received great reviews since its launch. Its popularity has been credited mostly by word of mouth across the gaming community and "Dark Souls" fans as well. The game is apparently challenging enough and rewarding to ideally keep players engaged for a while, but it seems some fans are already asking for more content from the developer. Fans should be glad to know that future DLC content is supposedly on the way.

The developer has shared some details through a livestream event, which covers some information about the game's incoming content in the next few months. Players can expect to see two free downloadable updates within the next two months, which is followed by three paid content updates afterwards. Game Rant has noted that the prices for the paid updates has not been officially declared, but the planned schedule of the when the content arrives was revealed.

"Nioh" is scheduled to receive 10 new high difficulty missions sometime in March, which appears to feature a boss-rush mode encounter. In April, gamers are going have the PVP mode as the secondary free DLC content. Moreover, "Dragon of The North" is the game's first paid update and is expected to feature new gears, scenarios, levels, yokai, characters and guardian spirits, which is also scheduled by Koei Tecmo for April.

According to IGN, the other two paid expansions schedules were not detailed by the developer, but they are called "Japan's Best Warrior" and "Peace and Tranquil." Players obviously expect that the last two paid upgrades will also include new stuff to expand gameplay. Recent reviews have reportedly pegged the game as a pleasant surprise for gamers. Despite its apparent success, there are some issues with its co-op feature, according to some fans. Unlike the beta, one of the players are required to have cleared a certain level before they can play together.

Koei Tecmo has apparently recognized "Nioh" as successful and has decided to add the game's protagonist William as a crossover character in "Musou Stars," reports Siliconera. A character introduction trailer showcases the character's attacks and special moves in the upcoming action game. "Nioh" is currently available as an exclusive for the PS4, while "Musou Stars" will be officially launched in Japan on March 30, 2017 for the PSVita and PS4.

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