'Horizon: Zero Dawn': References That Best Describe The Game For Players

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 22, 2017 05:25 AM EST

Guerrilla Games' open-world action-RPG "Horizon: Zero Dawn" is close to its official launch date and has already received glowing reviews from well-known publications. While some players have been anticipating this game ever since it was first revealed, reports have also noted that some gamers are still on the fence about the game. It seems that they are not really sure if they would like the gameplay, but here are some references to help them out.

Open-world feature like "Far Cry"

Players who have experienced playing Ubisoft's adventure FPS series will most likely feel right at home with "Zero Dawn" and its locations. Just like the "Far Cry" series, players can reportedly run around throughout the map without having to encounter a loading screen to transition to another area. Sources note that the environments are designed to be open and inviting players to explore its secrets. IGN also relates a feature where the protagonist tames a wild robotic beast to "Far Cry Primal" and its sabretooth tiger taming system.

Post-apocalyptic mystery

"Horizon: Zero Dawn" is reportedly set in the far future wherein humanity has gone back to tribal living in the wild. Robotic creatures now roam the land and have evolved into different types of beasts, which are sometimes passive but mostly aggressive towards humans. Guerrilla Games is speculated to have taken cues from the movie Planet of the Apes, where players gradually discover what their ancestors did that resulted to humanity's current predicament.

A female protagonist

Lara croft obviously comes to mind as the first female lead character featured in a video game. Taking its cue from the successful "Tomb Raider" series the game's lead character Aloy is reportedly described as a determined and strong. This is apparent when she faces her foes with more primitive weaponry such as a bow and arrow among other things. The type of weapons wielded by the character follow the game's theme where things have gone back to a more primal approach. However, she appears to take on the challenge just like Lara Croft.

Practical arsenal

According to Video Gamer, "Horizon: Zero Dawn" features weapons that are necessary for Aloy to take down the different enemies she encounters during her adventure. Unlike other games where there are an overwhelming number of weapons, Guerrilla Games apparently offers a manageable inventory of armaments. Players are expected to cycle through the different items to make fights with certain enemies a little easier. The game is scheduled to launch for the PS4 on Feb. 28, 2017.

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