'Overwatch' Will Efi Oladele Be The Next Hero?Find Out Here

By Febe AF , Updated Feb 26, 2017 02:14 AM EST

Blizzard Entertainment is teasing a new character of "Overwatch" that might be the 24th hero of the game. The new hero might be Efi Oladele showing the latter's interview on her achievements in artificial intelligence and robotics.

Some may not know her, but according to Blizzard, she is an 11-year old pint-sized child. She is known to be a genius from Numbani specializing artificial intelligence and robotics.

She is a proud recipient of a "genius grant" of Adawe Foundation which only shows that she really has a brilliant mind. However, many critics have doubted Oladele to be the new character of "Overwatch" as she is still a child, though her skills might really be useful in the game.

But as USGamer said it might not be Oladele that will be featured next as the game's hero but it could be a hero built by her or at very least, whose power generated from her intelligence. In addition, many gamers also said that the new hero might be a grown-up version of her.

However, a Twitter post from Michael Chu, the lead writer of the game, states that the in-universe interview has taken place in the present day of the game's timeline. So players might probably see a grown-up Oladele on the said battlefield, PCGamer added.

In the said interview Oladele said that she was obsessed with creating drones and that she created things to make their lives better. Also, it was mentioned in the interview that she dreamt of building something which kept them safe, like the new OR15s.

But whoever might be the next hero of "Overwatch", it is sure that Blizzard Entertainment is trying its best for the players to love the game. We shall be keeping an update in the next few days, so don't forget to stay tuned only here at GameNGuide.

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