'NieR: Automata' Channels Dark Souls With Its 'Android System'

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 22, 2017 05:28 AM EST

Square Enix and Platinum Games apparently have a sleeper hit in the works with their post-apocalyptic action-RPG collaboration "NieR: Automata." Even in its unreleased stage the game has reportedly already built a hype as a candidate for 2017's best RPG title. It seems that the game's great visuals and positive reception of its demo continues to get players excited for its release. Sources have indicated that the game will showcase a unique "Android System" feature.

The game appears to flaunt influences from its predecessor with its world and unique lore. Critics have reportedly agreed that the first game has its flaws, but nevertheless was met with a cult following due to its action RPG elements and strange allure. The developers have recently shown fans that they would rather improve on their sequels rather than depend on the franchise's established fan base, reports Game Rant.

The "Android System" in "NieR: Automata" reportedly functions like the death system in "Dark Souls," where players can go back and find their corpse in the battlefield. Furthermore, Square Enix and Platinum Games permit players to decide if they want repair the damaged body or scavenge it for upgrades. Once gamers choose to repair the body it will reportedly fight alongside the protagonists for a certain period of time.

However, if the players are online, they can reportedly encounter the fallen bodies of other online players, reports VG24/7. Gamers are given the option to resurrect the corpse in order and have it fight together with their character. Meanwhile, the developer did not elaborate if players can also scavenge other gamer's bodies for plug-ins and upgrades. Reports have also speculated that gamers might be able to leave a message for other players just like in the "Dark Souls" games.

Players looking forward to enjoy the "Android System" in "NieR Automata" don't have to wait long as the game is scheduled to release on March 7 and March 10 for North America and Europe respectively. Square Enix and Platinum games also announced that future DLC content for the game is reportedly in the works.

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