'Halo Wars 2’ Guide: How To Level Up Blitz Cards & Make It Stronger

By Allan , Updated Feb 23, 2017 03:29 AM EST

A new mode has been introduced in “Halo Wars 2” called Blitz and it brings many changes in the way players should strategize their gameplay. In the new mode, players can solely depend on their cards rather than their buildings by leveling up their cards to be stronger. So in this article, players will learn how to effectively level up their Blitz cards and do better in the game.

Leveling Up the Blitz Cards

Increasing the level of a Blitz Card doesn’t really require a player to win battles or do anything specific. All that is needed is to get duplicates of the card they already have to increase its level per level. Naturally, the more duplicates a player get, the higher the level of that card will be. Eventually, the cost of leveling up a card will be higher but in exchange, it will make the card stronger.

The best level a card can get is level 7 which makes it “Tournament Ready” as well. After this level, the additional strength will be very little that it's best not to level up the card after 7. However, the cards received are randomly given and there is always a chance to receive the same card so it's all really out of luck as reported by IGN.

Duplicate Cards Needed to Level Up

Each level requires more duplicate cards from the last one according to Primagames. Level 1 doesn’t need any duplicate card because it is the first level when a player receives the card. Level 2 requires 2 duplicate cards while Level 3 requires 3. Then Level 4 requires one duplicate card higher and another for Level 5. As for Level 6, it only requires five duplicate cards to level up.

In total, it takes 20 cards of the same unit to reach the recommended level which is level 7. Upon reaching this level, each unit has its own set of advantages aside from the boost in stats in "Halo Wars 2".

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