'Pokemon GO' Fans Rejoice With These iOS, Android Tracking Apps That Still Work; Rare Evolution Stones Are At PokeStops

By Staff Reporter , Updated Feb 26, 2017 11:36 PM EST

"Pokemon GO" developers have been headstrong in shutting down third-party map trackers for the past few months. However, note that at least three map trackers still work on iOS and Android to help "Pokemon GO" players track down the Second Generation Pokemon launched in the game. It should also be noted that special items are used in at least eight Pokemon evolutions.

Map Trackers Come With In-App Purchases For Removing Ads

First off, PokeTracker is still popular for "Pokemon GO" players who want to see exactly where monsters are hiding in the game. The app also comes with filters and background notifications. Note that the app may also be used to view the locations of Gyms and PokeStops and notifies gamers when a Pokemon spawn is nearby

Second, the PokeSensor app or the PokeSensor APK for Android gamers may be used to scan for monsters in real time and see them on a map. "Pokemon GO" players may use this app to scan up to a 2000m radius to locate hiding Pokemon, giving off the exact location of each Pokemon. Gamers may also customize scan distance and scan speed on the app.

Third, the PokeFind or GO Tools is an interactive "Pokemon GO" map that provides tools for the strongest set of Pokemon. The app comes with CP and IV calculators to boost. The app also features a tool for catching rare Pokemon by sharing user-submitted sightings. Note that there are over 10,000,000 submitted Pokemon locations on the app,  BGR reported.

Special Items Activate Bellossom And Sunflora Evolutions

In other news, the first batch of Special items for Pokemon evolutions has been released in "Pokemon GO." The Special Items or Evolution Stones may be located in PokeStops and are said to be very rare. To get one, the "Pokemon GO" player needs to be at least level 10 to see Special item drops, Slash Gear reported.

All "Pokemon GO" players may use special items to perform Pokemon evolutions like Bellossom (Sun Stone + Gloom) and Sunflora (Sun Stone + Sunkern). Furthermore, King's Rock may evolve into either Politoed (with Poliwhirl) or Slowking (with Slowpoke) while the Metal Coat + Onix results in Steelix and when combined with Scyther results in Scizor.

"Pokemon GO" gameplay additionally says Up-Grade + Porygon equals Porygon2 and Dragon Scale + Seadra equals Kingdra. Check out more about special items below:


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