'Pokemon GO' Tips: How To Evolve To Kingdra & Hatch Eggs Without Walking

By Ben Lindon , Updated Feb 26, 2017 11:08 PM EST

"Pokemon GO" special items have been dropping for those from level 10 and above. This includes the dragon scale item earned from PokeStops. The "Pokemon GO" developers also introduced evolution items in the game. Furthermore, experts also shared tips on how to hatch eggs more easily.

Special Items + Candy Required To Evolve Certain Species of Pokemon

It should be noted that evolution items are earned similar to Pokeballs, potions, and berries, that is by spinning PokeStops. However, the drop rate for evolution is said to be very low. There are also multiple types of special items to collect. Hence, "Pokemon GO" players who want to get a dragon scale may have to be patient, Mic noted.

However, "Pokemon GO" players may use a trick to increase the odds of an evolution item dropping that is to hit the seven-day PokeStops streaks. Apparently, the seventh day of the streak is believed to drop an evolution item than the other days. It should be noted that the dragon scale may be used to evolve Seadra into Kingdra to complete Horsea's evolutionary path while filling one's Pokedex. In addition, other evolution items are required to complete the evolutions of Bellossom and Sunflora, among others. Note that, Sun Stone is needed for Gloom and Sunkern to evolve.

Trick That Uses Phone's GPS To Hatch Eggs Without Moving Revealed

In other news, "Pokemon GO" players have reported that the GPS tracking in the game may be getting worse and more inaccurate leading to what is called the GPS drift. Apparently, the phone's GPS system may be translated into in-game movement, BGR reported. Apparently, the location tracking may be erratic in spotting one's location.

"Pokemon GO" players who had the most success hatching eggs due to the GPS drift are said to be using Samsung devices. Moreover, the majority of these successful gamers reported using the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge as well as iPhone 5 to do the work. It is expected that Niantic will roll out an update to tweak the GPS system. Watch more ways to hatch eggs without walking below:


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