'Final Fantasy XV' Gameplay: 45FPS On PlayStation 4 Pro Could Still Go Down To 30FPS

By Ben Lindon , Updated Feb 26, 2017 11:12 PM EST

The "Final Fantasy XV" developers recently revealed a brand new update for the series adding new features to the game. Furthermore, the update also unlocks the frame rate of 40 to 60 fps on the PlayStation 4 Pro. However, PS4 Pro gamers have reported a poorer appearance of the game post-patch.

60fps Frame Rate Still In Development

It should be noted that the "Final Fantasy XV" game director Hajime Tabata has confirmed that the team is working on a 60 fps update for the game. However, Tabata also stated that "Final Fantasy XV" runs between 40 to 60 fps. On that note, the latest update shows that "Final Fantasy XV" has an average frame rate of 40 to 45 which may dip to 30 depending on the enemies on the screen, Gearnuke reported.

In addition, the frame rate of "Final Fantasy XV" during exploration in towns is said to be only on the average. On the contrary, the frame rate of "Final Fantasy XV is said to drop lower than 40 fps during a number of more intensive scenarios. It is expected that Square Enix would add an option that would cap the framerate to 30fps on the PlayStation 4 Pro in Lite Mode.

Video Analysis Confirms Square Enix Screwed Up With Latest Patch

Meanwhile, "Final Fantasy XV" has previously been praised having at least one smooth visual option for all platforms that it has been released on. Hence, the game may be locked or have a consistent frame rate. However, PS4 Pro players may have to opt for the Lite toggle to enjoy stable 30fps. However, this mode may remove all special visual enhancements.

"Final Fantasy XV" gamers with the PS4 Pro patch are directed to choose between two visual modes. Note that one of these may turn up the resolution near 1800p but its frame rate may be hampered by frame pacing. Apparently, patch 1.05 removed the frame rate cap, ArsTechnica reported. Watch more about the PS4 Pro patch below:


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