PS4 Exclusive 'Musuo Stars' Releases In Japan On March 30; 'Horizon Zero Dawn' PS4 Applaused For Robot Dinosaurs

By Ben Lindon , Updated Feb 27, 2017 03:04 AM EST

PS4 exclusive "Musou Stars" takes William from "Nioh," leaving behind the dark atmosphere of the Sengoku Jidai. It should be noted that the "Nioh" star is slated to be transported into the more colorful environment in the PS4 exclusive. Moreover, Sony is also getting ready to unleash a new PS4 exclusive from Guerrilla Games.

Previously, the PS4 exclusive "Musou Stars" publisher Koei Tecmo announced that William Adams will be the last playable character for the game and will be available at launch. Koei Tecmo then followed up the announcement with a press release. In addition, several screenshots and an official trailer was also revealed, Dual Shockers reported.

It has been revealed that the new addition to the PS4 exclusive title will use techniques similar to what was seen in "Nioh." However, Adams may adapt to the style of the PS4 exclusive title. Note that the game has been confirmed for a Japan release on March 30, while a western release is yet to be revealed.

In other news, after debuting at the E3 2015, the PS4 exclusive "Horizon Zero Dawn" has been praised for bringing robot dinosaurs to the console. It should be noted that the new PS4 exclusive is set a thousand years in the future and starts after the collapse of human civilization. Gamers are tasked to survive in the stone age world with killer robots to make it harder, Geek reported.

The PS4 exclusive stars Aloy as the protagonist. Interesting, the game features a female protagonist outcast from society seeking to uncover the secrets of her mysterious origin. Aloy is slated to make the land better for everyone and the world is said to be massive in scope.

PS4 exclusive also comes packed with human tribes, murderous robots, animal life and different types of terrain as well as a plethora of challenges, main missions, side quests and errands. It should also be noted that in the game, every guest is made to feel substantial. The game also packs a great deal of combat with players equipped with a bow and arrow at most encounters. Note that most machines have specific weak shots that may be shot to deal greater damage as each machine has a critical spot that should be destroyed. Watch more about the true open world game here:


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