'Xenonauts 2' Free Demo Launched; How To Avail? Find Out Here

By Febe AF , Updated Feb 28, 2017 03:24 PM EST

"Xenonauts 2" is surely in development right now, bringing back alien-filled gaming. What's even more interesting is that the game is now available for a free demo.

As it can be remembered, the original game, Xenonauts, was released back in June 2014 bringing a strategy turn-based tactics science fiction games to Microsoft Windows. Its gameplay involves the player taking the role of the commander of an organization known as the Xenonauts to defeat an alien invasion on Earth. It was developed and published by Goldhawk Interactive, an independent game studio based in London.

"Xenonauts 2" will be a sequel of the original X-COM: UFO Defense and will still be developed by Goldhawk Interactive. Goldhawk Interactive is working on improving and upgrading the program.

It has been said that the game will be available in 3D style but still with the same classic alien-hunting game, Polygon reports. It is also worthy to note that RockPaperShotgun mentioned that the game will not probably be a direct sequel but instead it will be going back to a so-called Cold War era, allowing players to recall Xenonauts.In fact, Goldhawk says that they can be a bit more original and innovative as they are not obligated to bring a remake of the classic X-Com formula.

In addition, a free demo is now available allowing players to test the said game and be able to provide a feedback. The demo will be a single mission, however, Goldhawk has plans for the game's expansion. The free demo will not last as Goldhawk will eventually delete it once the game will move to the paid alpha stage.

"Xenonauts 2's" release date has not yet been confirmed but gamers will still be allowed to play its free demo that is found in GOG. So hurry up and try the free demo while it can still be accessed. But in order to download it, players need  to have a GOG Galaxy.

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