'Resident Evil 7': Tips For Playing 'Ethan Must Die' Mode

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 28, 2017 04:35 AM EST

Capcom has apparently made sure that "Resident Evil 7" continues to get content support even after its launch back in January. So far, it has released the "Banned Footage Vol. 1" and most recently "Banned Footage Vol. 2". The DLC expansions mostly contain extra story mode contents that allow players to understand more about the game's cast of characters, while extra game modes for players to take on as a challenge. This guide will help players tackle the "Ethan Must Die" mode.

It is obviously recommended that players must have completed the game on Madhouse difficulty and must at least memorize some of the major locations in the Baker's plantation. The new challenge mode reportedly ups the difficulty with low damage resistance, random item drops with booby-trapped crates and gives the players nothing by a knife to start out, says Game Rant. Players must avoid enemies and collect enough useful items for the final boss battle with Marguerite Baker.

Players are expected to die a lot of times during their first attempt on the "Ethan Must Die" mode in "Resident Evil 7". Upon their death a marker will appear on that location, which players must try to recapture on their next attempt. Once they have retaken the marker, the game randomly awards a single item from the player's inventory before their death. The new mode adds more hazards like pressure pads on the floor and turrets. Gamers should note that the pressure pads can be used against enemies to conserve ammunition.

According to Polygon, the goal of this challenge mode is to safely get to the greenhouse and players can head to the grenade launcher room where many molded enemies can be lured towards tripwires to save ammo. The next stop would be the basement where enemies are hopefully dealt with through the pressure pads on the floor.

The boiler room is where gamers want to go next, where a fight with some molded enemies takes place. The next stop would be the workshop, where players can enter a passage through the wall directly to a rec room on the other side. Avoid the traps and descend the stairwell and keep away from the turret traps. The greenhouse key can be found in the cupboard.

What is left for players to do afterwards is to take down Marguerite Baker. Players can use the same strategy to take on the boss in "Ethan Must Die" mode. Skilled "Resident Evil 7" players have reportedly taken her on with nothing but the knife. Upon completion, players unlock the trophy/achievement "Ethan Never Dies".

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