Twitch Plans To Sell Games And Share Profits With Streamer

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 01, 2017 03:08 AM EST

It has long been speculated and sometimes suggested that Twitch should also sell games. The well-known game livestreaming company has recently announced that they are in the works to feature game purchase options on their platform. It is already obvious that viewers are watching some streamers demo new games or just playing those games and might suddenly get the idea to buy the same title.

Reports have confirmed that the option to buy the game will be added on each livestreamed videogame. It is noted that as long as the title is available through the platform it will have the purchase button available on that channel. The games themselves will be supported by the streaming company except Ubisoft published titles, which will use the company's Uplay service, says Game Rant.

According to sources, the streamers will have the option to partner with Twitch in order for the company to include the advertisement and purchase option on their channel. The livestreaming firm has also confirmed that they want to share at least five percent of revenue for each game purchased through their platform. It was also clarified that non-partnered streamers won't get any compensation for the platforms new advertisements. Others speculate that the shared revenue might attract more streamers to sign up with the company.

According to Engadget, the company's new approach to game sales seems to emulate a direct sale service like Steam. Some users might wonder about any special incentives for their purchase from the platform. The company has confirmed that buyers who spend more than $4.99 on a title will receive a Twitch Crate, the loot box contains random exclusive game-related badges, bits and emotes. Since the contents are randomly generated, buyers might need to take their chances on their next possible purchase.

Sources have also confirmed that Twitch has already partnered with several publishers, which also include well-recognized games. The company has expressed its plans to add more supported publishers in the future. The new sales platform is expected to launch sometime in Spring 2017.

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