‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’ Guide: 5 Power Cells Locations

By Allan , Updated Mar 01, 2017 03:51 AM EST

One of the things players of “Horizon: Zero Dawn” need to find in the game are the Power Cells. There is a total of 5 Power Cells hidden in different areas in the game. Once the player collects all 5, they get to unlock a secret underground area and claim a special item in the game. So this article is all about guiding players where to find all 5 Power Cells.

All Mother-Mountain Power Cell

According to Gamerant, this Power Cell is the first one the player will find and is situated in All Mother-Mountain. It will be found as players go through the “Womb of the Mountain” quest as they go through the caverns part. Players should look for a small vent that they will enter by crouching and pass through two doors. After that, go to the right to find the locked door. Look to the left to find a small passageway where players will find the first Power Cell.

Ruins Power Cell

The next Power Cell is found in the “Ruins” part of “Horizon: Zero Dawn”. Players just need to go to the underground area and look for a room blocked by an almost closed door. All Aloy needs to do is pry the door open and get the Power Cell inside.

Maker’s End Power Cell

As players finish the “Maker’s End” quest, Aloy will be reaching the 12th floor of the Faro Tower as reported by VG247. Before she reaches the highest part, she should find a cache which is where the third Power Cell is hidden. Do take note that the “Maker’s End” is the only named area not in color green icon.

Grave Hoard Power Cell

The next Power Cell should be found in the “Grave Hoard” mission right after the player finishes solving the puzzles of the quest. A door should be unlocked at that moment where a supply cache can be seen. This is where the fourth Power Cell should be found along with a healing plant.

Gaia Prime Power Cell

The last Power Cell in “Horizon: Zero Dawn” is found in Gaia Prime Ruins at the part where the player is rappelling down. The player will need to jump at some point that leads to a small path up to an area of stalactites and stalagmites. The Power Cell should be found after the player break through the area.

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