‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ Guide: How to Level Up Fast

By Allan , Updated Mar 01, 2017 04:45 AM EST

Levelling up in “Horizon Zero Dawn” is one of the most important task a player must do in the game. Not only will it make their character stronger but it will also let them unlock new and powerful skills for their character. In this article, players will be guided how to level up their characters quickly and easily.

Earning Experience in the Game

A player can level up their character by earning experience in the game. Experience is easily earned by eliminating machines and wildlife as players progress through the game. There are also side quests and missions that reward experience points along with other loots. And as an added bonus, defeating bigger machines reward bigger experience points so the effort is all worth it according to Primagames. The best machines to target are the Thunderjaw and Stormbird while the Striders and Watchers are the machines with smallest reward experience points.

Level Up Fast in “Horizon Zero Dawn”

The fast way to level up in the game is of course to finish as many quest as possible. However, players may overlook small details within each quest such as side quests, taking every opportunity to kill machines, exploring mechanical caves for Cauldrons, and any other way to farm more resources which at the same time gives experience points as reported by RPG Site. Although not every side quest and killing machines reward good experience points, its still extra points that can total to a big amount after a while.

The main missions offer the most experience points in the game with some rewarding up to seven thousand experience points in one mission. It takes a while to finish every mission so its good to take side quests while working on one to get bonus experience points along the way. And to further boost the points received, players can use the Cauldron to increase the machines they can take down.

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