‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ Guide: Where To Get Different Outfits

By Allan , Updated Mar 02, 2017 08:01 AM EST

In “Horizon Zero Dawn”, the outfits of the players contribute to their stats in the game. Each outfit has a corresponding armor and strength so taking the time to collect each of it is a must in the game. So this article will serve as a guide for players how to get each outfit in the game.

For instance, Gamers Heroes report Banuk Ice Hunter outfit specializes in providing protection to freeze attacks so using it when battling against enemies with freeze specialties will be beneficial to the player. Another outfit is the Nora Silent Hunter that specializes in stealth so using it when sneaking around an opponent is ideal.

Getting New Outfits in the Game

Getting more outfits in “Horizon Zero Dawn” is actually very easy. Players will get their first outfit as they reach the Mother’s Heart quest and after going to the Nora village in the Proving. Converse with Teb or the man who saved Aloy before to receive the first outfit. The next outfit in the game can either be unlocked or purchased from different sellers in the game. Some of the best outfit in the game are found in Meridian.

Changing Outfits in the Game

When a player decides to change their outfit in the game, Primagames report they can do so anytime they want to. Whether in the middle of a journey or in combat, it can be done with just a simple touch. Dualshock 4 users press their touchpads to go through their inventory and choose their outfit. Press the X button to wear the outfit to take advantage of its buffs.

It is important to remember though that the "Horizon Zero Dawn" Outfit Satchel can only hold a limited number of outfits. Once it is full, players will need to upgrade it so it can hold more outfits or opt to delete the ones they least need.

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