‘Ark: Survival Evolved’: Studio Wildcard Is Hiring Game Modders; Four New Species Are Now Available

By Paige McClure , Updated Mar 03, 2017 03:28 AM EST

The "Ark: Survival Evolved" will soon be getting consistent improvements from modders who will be specifically hired to improve the game. Wildcard Studio has set the initiative to make sure that the game will continually be upgraded to deliver the needs of players.

According to Game Rant, Studio Wildcard is stepping up to the plate to establish and carry out an effective system that properly finances modders. There will be 15 modders who are tasked to develop and improve the mods for "Ark: Survival Evolved" at the start of each month. It is said that each modder will be paid with $4,000 USD every month, however, this will be a competitive workplace.

Studio Wildcard will be evaluating the modders' performance, and this will determine if they will be chosen to work for the next month. Obviously, modders who are not performing very well will be replaced with someone new.

This system is truly effective in delivering the best of "Ark: Survival Evolved" to the gamers through the development of mods. Jeremy Stieglitz, lead designer, lead programmer, and co-creative director of the game will not hesitate to expand the mods program if they see that the mods are doing very well.

 While players will certainly enjoy the new mods, "Ark: Survival Evolved" has also added four new species, which will provide more thrilling experience. According to PC Games N, Ark is now giving players the tools they need to protect themselves from any laser-toting enemies. The four new species are Electrophorus Beluadomito, Microraptor Gnarilongus, Ammonitina Multiamicus and Thylacoleo Furtimorsus.

"Ark: Survival Evolved" will be released for PC, PS4, and Xbox One later this year. Stay tuned for more Gamenguide update.

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