‘Pokemon GO’ Guide: Where To Find King’s Rock

By Allan , Updated Mar 03, 2017 06:24 AM EST

The recent update of “Pokemon GO” includes many new Pokemon from generation 2 or Johto region and new game items like the evolution stone called King’s Rock. This evolution stone is specifically used to evolve selected Pokemon in the game. So players who wish to evolve those Pokemon to its final form will have to find this item first. And that is exactly what this guide is all about.

Where to Find King’s Rock

The first thing a player must know is where exactly can they find the King’s Rock evolution stone. Unlike the Pokemon games from Nintendo, Gamerant reports this evolution stone can only be found randomly when spinning a PokeStop. And since it is found purely by chance, the only way a player can increase the possibility of getting one is by going to a place with lots of PokeStop and start spinning them. If they can find a place with at least 5 PokeStops in one area, a player can spin one every five minutes. Places with many PokeStops are normally found in parks, historical places, and landmarks.

How to Use Find King’s Rock

Once the player gets their first King’s Rock, they can finally evolve 2 specific Pokemon to its final form which is Slowking and Politoed. And to reach that final form, the player must have a Slowpoke and Poliwhirl on their Pokemon list. Aside from the King’s Rock, players also need candies for each Pokemon. Slowpoke requires 50 candies to evolve to Slowking while Poliwhirl needs 100 candies to evolve to Politoed according to Eurogamer.

To earn candies, players either need to get many Pokemon of the same kind or send the same Pokemon to the Professor. Another way to get more candies is to assign that Pokemon as the player’s buddy to get one each time a specific distance walked is reached.

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