‘The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild’ Guide: Where To Find Fire Arrows

By Allan , Updated Mar 03, 2017 06:21 AM EST

One of the useful items in “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” is the fire arrows. However, finding it early in the game can be a little bit difficult so most players only use it when really needed. So this article is all about guiding players where to find fire arrows in the game.

Where to Use Fire Arrows

Fire arrows cause big damage to anything it hits and can be used to start a fire to its target. This is especially useful when the player is traveling colder areas as they can use it to warm themselves. Just collect wood, place it on the ground, target the arrows to hit it and fire should start right away. Fire arrows are not easy to find early in the game but it will start appearing more often as players visit more village shops and merchants.

Where to Find the Fire Arrows Early in the Game

At the beginning of the game, Primagames reports players will find themselves talking with an old man in the Temple of Time. Explore the temple to find a skull-shaped structure to the Temple of Time’s east. A group of enemies will be waiting for the player there where one of them is in the tower as a lookout. From there, look West to see a camp with only two enemies and a few explosive barrels. The player can use one of it to eliminate the enemies. For players up for the challenge, they can sneak around the lookout and kill him by a sniper and use the barrel to finish the rest of the enemies.

After finishing all the enemies, the chest inside the structure should open and in it are five pieces of fire arrows according to Twinfinite. After that, players will find more fire arrows available as they progress through the “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” but for a price. It can be bought in different village stores and merchants met as they travel.

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