'Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap' Remake Comes To Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC; Visual Style Updated; Switches From HD To 8-Bit

By Ben Lindon , Updated Mar 06, 2017 03:14 AM EST

"Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap" remake is coming to the PC and the current-gen consoles. This was confirmed by the developers at Lizardcube.

"Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap" Comes to Nintendo Switch With Updated Visual Style

The classic platformer action game "Wonder Boy" first came out in 1989 on Sega platforms and was well received based on its high review scores. Later on, indie developer Lizardcube and publisher DotEmu revealed in June of 2016 that they have started working on a remake since 2013. Meanwhile, the "Wonder Boy" remake has received an updated visual style, but keeps the same level design, gameplay and story from the original.

"Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap" developers announced these new features and a fresh new game trailer through the game's official blog, including other changes that will be added. Among these is the ability to change between the 1989 retro graphics and the 2017 animated graphics, including the 1989 retro music and the modern music, or mix and match both.

The retro modes in the new "Wonder Boy" are reported to run in widescreen, 60 FPS, which means scrolling is now made even smoother. The remake is set to arrive on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One in Spring this year, while its PC version releases shortly after, Twinfinite reported.

"Wonder Boy" Remake Can Switch From HD To 8-Bit

"Wonder Boy" remake is coming with a Retro Feature that enables players to switch in-game from HD to 8-bit anytime at any place. This means that those who have good memories of piano key neckties and the talking Arms, this Retro Feature will let them go back in time by pressing only a button.

In "Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap" the nostalgic players may also load their last save from 1989 once they key-in the password they wrote on their past homework or join the millennials in starting an adventure that has defined the whole gaming generation, Gamasutra reported. Watch 17 Minutes of "Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap  Remake Gameplay here:


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