‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ Gameplay Guide: Bellowback Weakness Is His Throat

By Ben Lindon , Updated Mar 07, 2017 04:37 AM EST

"Horizon Zero Dawn" enemy Bellowback is said to be the hardest enemy to defeat in the game. However, as with all enemies, Bellowback also comes with his own weaknesses. It should be noted that defeating this enemy is crucial to "Horizon Zero Dawn" as only a few attacks of this enemy may cause significant damage to one's character.

Attack His Throat To Overpower Him

First off, "Horizon Zero Dawn" experts reveal that one of the most powerful weapons of Bellowback is his flamethrower, Gearnuke reported. However, note that the flamethrower may be disabled by attacking Bellowback's throat. This action is expected to prevent Bellowback from using his fire attack which may severely limit its offensive capabilities.

In addition, another one of the biggest weaknesses of this feared character in "Horizon Zero Dawn" are the canisters on its back. This may be a difficult undertaking as the Bellowback will constantly try to attack the character. Hence, Shock grenades may be used to stun the Bellowbacks. This in turn will give the gamer a better shot at the canisters on the Bellowback's back.

As an alternative, "Horizon Zero Dawn" players may also make use of Shock traps to stun these enemies. It will take two Shock grenades to stun a single Bellowback. However, it takes only one trap to stun it. Note that gamers will have to maneuver the enemy into the trap for this to work.

Soundtrack of "Horizon Zero Dawn" Now Available On Spotify

In other news, the official soundtrack of "Horizon Zero Dawn" has been spotted on the service a week before its wider release. The soundtrack has been noted as a huge departure from Guerrilla's usual style. Note that the album comes with 80 tracks ranging from tribal rhythms to vocal performances, PlayStation Lifestyle.net reported.

"Horizon Zero Dawn" composers were also interviewed by the PlayStation blog revealing more about the game's music. Joris de Man in collaboration with his team revealed that the soundtrack features a variety of instruments. Note that bowed dobros and guitars as well as fujaras, circuit-bended synthesizers, live strings and massive taiko drums have been employed to create the official soundtrack. Check out more about the Bellowback below:


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