‘Path of Exile’ 2.6.0: One Handed Weapon Updated; Classic Mystery Box Unveiled

By Ben Lindon , Updated Mar 09, 2017 04:07 AM EST

"Path of Exile" update 2.6.0 may not be the major one that a lot of fans are waiting for. However, the players would have plenty to spend their game currency in this update. In addition, balance changes are also expected.

"Path of Exile" Update 2.6.0 Brings Notable Changes

The "Path of Exile" update 2.6.0 will let players have fun while making all types of new builds. Threshold Jewels will have some changes, giving players more chances of getting more bang for their jewels, since some have their values adjusted and are now available for a much better damage, abilities and value.

In "Path of Exile", the damage is changed on a particular skill, affecting only a small portion of skills such as Ice Crash and Sunder. Furthermore, the latest update will also bring updates on several one handed weapons.

While only a few "Path of Exile" players are using this type, the update is still expected to fix such and make choosing the one handed weapon a worthwhile experience. In fact, a lot of weapons such as Maraketh Thrusting Swords, daggers and lower level claws have already seen major improvements, making them a notable option, R4pg reported.

"Path of Exile" Unveils Mystery Box

"Path of Exile" is unveiling the Classic Mystery Box for the players after creating the Legacy Challenge League. Based on reports, the Classic Mystery Box is another attempt to bring back "Nostalgia' into the game through bringing 39 microtransactions from the previous to the present.

It is interesting to note as well, that the "Path of Exile" team is reported to take special care with the Mystery Box design, which ensures that the players will enjoy it in every way. Meantime, the Mystery Box will be purchasable with 30 point, which is the price of the box itself. Nevertheless, everything inside is expected to range from the worth of 30 points to 450 points, MMO Examiner reported. Watch "Path of Exile" Update 2.6.0 The Legacy [PL] here:


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