‘No Man's Sky' Adds A New Way Of Planetary Travel

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Mar 14, 2017 10:12 AM EDT

“No Man’s Sky” has walked a long way since its disappointing launch. Many of the promised on release features were later added with the “Foundation” update and now comes a second major update to the game. What will it bring on the table?

EnGadget reports that “No Man’s Sky” will soon be getting its second major update. The update is named “Pathfinder” and will feature a lot of additions to the game requested by fans in the official community. It is expected that the patch will include a ground vehicle for planetary travel. These speculations come from a fan who while rummaging through the game’s data discovered portraits and 3D models of vehicles. Among the files there was also a folder named “Buggy”, which puts the expectation of terranian vehicles high above any time before.

Hello Games are being secretive about the coming changes, where IGN has shared a statement claiming that full list of changes will be introduced after the update’s release. What fans will receive with the update is yet unknown, but what is expected can be checked on the game’s forums and official community. Hello Games have said that they are keeping an eye on the community listening to both the positive and negative feedback. A short trip through the forum and a filter for the reasonable may be enough for a person to build expectations from.

The “Path Finder” update for “No Man’s Sky” will be launched some time this week, as reported by Polygon. This means that fans will not wait for the new features long. Even though “Foundation” updates brought things like base building, farming and freighter as assets, it still has a long way to go. The “Path Finder” updates is one step towards the right direction. If things go in the same manner, maybe, one day “No Man’s Sky” will regain the trust of gamers. “No Man’s Sky” is available on PC and PS 4.

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