The New “Overwatch” Character Will Be Released Later In March

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Mar 14, 2017 10:09 AM EDT

“Overwatch” is one of the best MMO games to be released in 2016 and a hit product with Blizzard’s mark of quality on it. The game won numerous awards upon its release and is still among the main contenders for a lot of trophies. Development of the game has not halted as the newest character will soon go live.

GameSpot shares a statement by the director of “Overwatch” - Jeff Kaplan. The newest character to join the ranks of heroes is named Orisa, but she will remain in the Public Testing Realm for a few weeks more. The development team has decided to push back her release, in order to fix a few bugs and balance issues discovered by the game’s community. The developers know how anxious everyone is for the arrival of Orisa and are doing everything they can to bring her online as soon as possible. The character is expected to be made available later in the month of March.

Polygon confirms the delay of the character’s release and the reason being balance changes imposed on the character. For now, players have found her too overpowered, which has forced Blizzard to make a few changes to the character among which is a higher cost for her ultimate. The development team of “Overwatch” wants to create a balanced and fun experience and the delay is the price everyone has to pay for it. Still, gamers have shown support towards the developers even though the anticipation is burning.

What changes are coming with the future updates? IGN has the answer to this question. Orisa’s magazine size has been lowered from 200 to 150. Also, her ultimate ability now costs 15% more. Other changes coming to the game include Junkrat not being affected by his own explosions. Zenyatta ‘s orb of discord can target enemies through barriers, and a lot of nerfs to Anna’s damage and healing. Next on Blizzard’s list is Bastion, who has proven to be, put in the slightest manner, highly effective at ridding the enemy team of their lives. “Overwatch” is available on PC, PS 4 and XBOX One.

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