‘Ghost Blade’ HD Gameplay: Five Stages, Boss Enemies, Three Ships Await Players

By Ben Lindon , Updated Mar 14, 2017 09:20 AM EDT

"Ghost Blade" has been revealed as one of the indie games that saw years of post-demise of the Sega "Dreamcast". Apparently, "Ghost Blade" took a different turn from the competition with its sound, graphics and challenge level. Moreover, the game instantly took off like an official release rather than an indie game developed using after the fact tools.

Unofficial Release Of "Dreamcast" Makes It Big

It has been revealed that "Ghost Blade" was a good quality game. Note however that the game is an unofficial release for the Sega "Dreamcast", Retro Gaming Magazine reported. Currently, the "Ghost Blade HD" game is set to update the classic bullet hell game then deliver it to modern gaming platforms.

"Ghost Blade HD" boasts HD graphics along with five stages with boss enemies that await gamers with baited breath and three ships. Note that each boss has different attributes for the players to control. In the meantime, those who need to practice first may opt to play the practice mode aimed at helping gamers not adept at bullet hell shooters.

It should be noted that Hucast Games recently brought "Ghost Blade" over to Steam. Apparently, numerous developers and publishers forego Steam as a viable platform. Gamers may also play against friends and try to beat the highest scores in the Score Attack Mode.

Top Achievements Worth A Total Of 1,000 Gamerscore Revealed

Meanwhile, the achievement list for "Ghost Blade" has already been revealed. Gamers may play with the Rekka ship, Milan ship or the Hard mode for the first time for a gamerscore of 15. Moreover, destroying 50 crates in Stage 1 (Crate Mania) has a gamerscore of 30, True Achievements reported.

"Ghost Blade" gamers may also opt to play with a ghost ship or destroy Stage 1 boss with gamerscore of 15. Completing a score attack run or playing over 2 hours or playing in training mode also gets the same gamerscore. Apparently, destroying Stage 2 to Stage 5 boss only has the same gamerscore as destroying Stage 1 boss. Take a look at the 599 Combo Achievements below:


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