‘Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands’ Guide: How To Get Vector .45 ACP Submachine Gun

By Allan , Updated Mar 14, 2017 09:32 AM EDT

One of the impressive weapons in “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands” is the Vector .45 ACP submachine gun. It's outstanding and quick fire rate will make it so much easier for players to eliminate their enemies. So this article will guide players where to find it and how to get it in the game.

When to Get the Submachine Gun

For players that have just started playing the game, Primagames report it may be a bit challenging to get this weapon right away. Players have the option to get other guns that is much easier to acquire in “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands” or try their hardest to get the Vector .45 ACP submachine gun. All the player needs is to wait until they have their very first sniper and they’re ready to claim their very own submachine gun.

How to Get Vector .45 ACP Submachine Gun

As soon as the player gets a sniper, Gamers Heroes report they can head to the helipad and choose a helicopter to go to Media Luna province. Look for the base in the area and its called F.O.B Buitre which is not an easy base to take over. For that reason, new players can opt to bring their friends with them in this mission unless they’re up for the challenge of doing everything on their own.

Players should first go over the hills which are located at the south side of the base to find a road. This road directly leads inside the base and the players can use their sniper to check the watchtower and eliminate any threat. After that, players should check the front gate that should have at least one guard. When the gate is cleared, use the UNIDAD car to go inside the vicinity and follow the path to the right. It will lead the player to a garage where the players must avoid being spotted.

Next is to sneak in the armory which is going to be tough with all the guards around. A UNIDAD chopper is also circling the area so players need to be very careful where they go. Once inside the armory, open the case to find the submachine gun. While in the area, “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands” players should also get the P90 before heading out the area.

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