‘Nier: Automata’ Guide: How To Finish Heritage Of The Past Quest

By Allan , Updated Mar 14, 2017 09:33 AM EDT

One of the most important quests in “Nier: Automata” is the Heritage of the Past”. The quest comes with many rewards and experience but must first be unlocked before a player can open it. So this guide is all about helping players finish the quest in the best way possible.

How to Unlock Heritage of the Past Side Quest

The first thing a player must know about this quest is that it can only be unlocked when they beat the game. Then players need to start the game again and go on until the reach the Dynamic Scanner according to Primagames. This item is acquired when players finish the main task Redheads. As soon as the player gets it, they should go to the Desert Zone and go straight until the end from the entrance. This path should lead the player to the researcher that works on the resistance.

How to Finish Heritage of the Past Quest

Talk to the research and that should unlock the Heritage of the Past quest in “Nier: Automata. The quest requires the player to collect three-game items for the researcher and they can do it with the help of the scanner according to Game FAQs. So the first thing a player must do is equip it and scan the ruins. The player should find the Ancient Stick near the Access Point in Desert: Center but will need to eliminate some Medium Explorers to do so.

Next, is going to the Desert Housing where players need to defeat a group of enemies before they can go past the area. At this point, the player’s pod will get a signal that will direct the player to the Commandment Slab. After that, continue going to the Desert Housing and get the next item which is the Filthy Mask. It's on the left side of Desert Housing’s entrance between the rocks in the area.

When the player gets all three required items, players should go back to Desert: Center and talk to the researcher. He will then ask for one last item that he needs and its located close to the Apologetic Machine. Of course, there is a big group of enemies the player need to take care of before they can get this item. From there, talk again to the researcher to claim the reward of the quest.

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