‘StarCraft 2’ Patch Notes Reveal New Content & Balance Changes

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Mar 14, 2017 10:26 AM EDT

“StarCraft 2” is one of the most popular strategies and practically a religion in certain parts of the world. Its latest expansion “Legacy of the Void” has long been released and now is the time of patches and reworks. Here are the latest changes coming with patch 3.11.

GameSpot shares some of the changes introduced to “Star Craft 2” with the release of the latest patch 3.11. Co-Op commanders have received reworks on their abilities. Those who have hero spawning abilities have been reworked. Also, some of the abilities have been re-ordered, which means that commanders will have to play a game or two, just to make sure that their routine has not been changed, or design and adjust to a new one.

The “StarCraft 2” wikia shares additional information on the additional content released with patch 3.11. The Co-Op missions “Dead of Night” has been released. Those who have played the “Wings of Liberty” campaign will remember the infested buildings, which spawned enemies in the night and remained inactive during the day. This is the new mode in a nutshell. Commanders will be placed against endless waves of minions, in a fight with infested minions until the sun rises. Once day has come, players will be free to roam the map and destroy all infested buildings they find. Make sure to be home before sundown, or the infested will get you.

Following the patch’s release, some new bundles have been introduced in Blizzard’s shop. First is a four-pack of Nova, Alarak, Abathur and Stukov, who are sold to players at 20% discount. Next in line are announcer packs, which enhance the gameplay experience by adding a note of customization to the game. A group of announcers have been chose to be available at a 50% discount. Among them are Nova, D.VA, Abathur and Artanis. Last come 15% discounts on multiplayer skins for units. Available on the bundle are Roach, Marauder and Stalker. “Starcraft 2” and its expansions are available on PC through Blizzard’s store and official retailers.

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