'Super Mario Odyssey On Nintendo's New Console: Unveils Features & Characters Resembling Marvel's Cinematic Universe

By Paige McClure , Updated Mar 15, 2017 04:04 AM EDT

"Super Mario Odyssey", the open-world sandbox game is all gear up for its appearance into the Nintendo Switch console. It is worth mentioning that the game will feature the cinematic effects of the Marvel universe.

According to Theverge, "Super Mario Odyssey" in the new Switch will be introduced with new Super Mario Bros. and Mario Galaxy. The game's expansion will be presented within the 2D and 3D spaces of the Nintendo platform. Regarding the gameplay, the game player acts as the Mario who will circumvent big and navigable areas. One thing sure is that the game will portray the real world, New York City.

Regarding details of the gameplay, "Super Mario Odyssey" will be presenting to the gamers, a collection of sports paraphernalia. There will be baseballs, golf, horse racing, soccer and tennis. In addition as reported by Polygon, it will not only be horse racing in the game but Nintendo will be releasing Amiibo cards, which is basically a line of trading cards uniquely produced for the Mario title.

Meanwhile, "Super Mario Odyssey" will allow friends to play only on Multi-player mode. The trainees will be able to hone their skills and carry single-player events. There are 16 characters to choose from, of course including Mario and Waluigi, as revealed by Nintendo. It is just a matter of time and the game player will be able to perfect the details of the game.

For those who are backers of sports competitions, take note that "Super Mario Odyssey" is not just a horse race but features sports like baseball and soccer as well. For more news, stay tuned to Gamenguide and discover the thrills and power of the game.

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