'Friday The 13th: The Game' Features & Characters: Multi-player Coming Ahead Of Single Player Mode In PlayStation 4, Xbox One & Windows

By Paige McClure , Updated Mar 15, 2017 03:58 AM EDT

"Friday The 13th: The Game", is bracing up for its release into the gaming world in the spring of 2017. Coming into the PS4, Xbox One and Windows, the game is moving forward to its multi player format ahead of the single player mode.

Brought about by PAX East, "Friday The 13th: The Game" is bringing in Jason Voorhees, the violent slasher and serial killer in the movie of the '80s. In a report by Denofgeek, the character of Jason is made alive in the game when he is featured in the asymmetrical multiplayer mode. He will be transforming into the perfect slasher as he comes after his victims who play as the campers in Crystal Lake.

Our Tom-Savinidesigned Jason Voorhees skin! Get it pre-order only here: https://t.co/dM6dy2QPfL pic.twitter.com/ow1fmyNw3Y

— Friday the 13th Game (@Friday13thGame) March 11, 2017

"Friday The 13th: The Game", is takes after the original film created bt Sean S. Cunningham. The forthcoming release of the game is very timely, particularly that the TV series of the film is planned for its 13th installment. It was reported that there will be new surprises in store for the game players as the game brings in the horrors and thrills of the film. Developer Gun Media also revealed the all-new character model for Jason Vorhees from horror legend Tom Savini as brought about by Gamezone.

In the new "Friday The 13th: The Game" series, a new character will join the cast as the killer of Jason. He is the child Tommy Jarvis in the "Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter". However, money making is still the main reason that Jason has to be alive. Hence, there will be other titles of the game series that will bring Jason again into the game.

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