‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Players Can Get Ash Signature Hat On Their Pikachu And Pikashumium Z-Crystal

By Allan , Updated Mar 15, 2017 09:46 PM EDT

In promotion of the upcoming series “Pokemon the Movie 20: I Choose You”, “Pokemon Sun and Moon” players can get the signature hat of Ash for their Pikachu in the game. All they need to do is purchase a ticket for the film and redeem the code that comes with it. Each code provides a hat and the Pikashumium Z-Crystal that unlocks Pikachu’s hidden Z-move.

Polygon reports that each code can only be used for one time and the hat depends on what the player redeems in the game. However, this promotion is currently applicable in Japan as the movie only has a Japan release date. There is no news yet whether the film will also release in the U.S. or anywhere else in the world.

The movie “Pokemon the Movie 20: I Choose You!” is a film that re-tells the first episode of the Pokemon anime series according to VG247. It is produced by OLM and is the twentieth Pokemon movie while the first for “Pokemon Sun and Moon” series. It features the story of Indigo League Saga in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the anime series. It is scheduled for release on July 15 of this year.

The said film was first announced last December in a Japan program Oha Suta of TV Tokyo where a teaser and a poster of the film has been revealed. The trailer reveals the main casts of the movie which includes Ash Ketchum and his favorite buddy, Pikachu, Professor Oak and the legendary Pokemon, Ho-Oh. Another trailer was released this month and it shows more remakes from its original series and the official English title of the movie. There is no announcement yet whether Brock, Misty and other favorite characters of the anime will also be featured in the movie.

The trailer has already been posted on the official YouTube page of the movie.

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