'WWE 2K17' 1.01 Patch: PC Game' MyCAREER bugs Fixed; Other Serious Bugs Remained

By Mia P. , Updated Mar 16, 2017 12:47 AM EDT

"WWE 2K17" PC version finally received its first update after the next-gen console versions have been receiving numerous patches post-launch in fall. After months of showing displeasure for lack of support for the game on the PC platform, 2K released Patch 1.01 that addressed lingering gameplay issues, stability bugs for players with AMD cards and some elements of the visual presentation of the game. The gaming community, however, continued to show dissatisfaction after a long wait and receiving extremely light fixes for the PC version.

Major Glitches And Bugs Persist Post-Launch

It should be noted that a forum member vandn published a YouTube video with the ten most serious bugs in the game yet to be fixed by the "WWE 2K17" developers. In addition, forum member Sahaj hopes 2K will not ditch PC platforms this time as there are still many bugs remaining to be fixed. In the meantime, the patch came with fixes in gameplay, online and MyCAREER, among others.

2K Games was able to fix an issue in which Superstars enter the ring before the countdown finished in Royal Rumble matches running the title at 30fps Playstation Lifestyle reported. The "WWE 2K17" PC patch also fixed an issue with clients not getting invites from a host following Team-up matches under certain conditions. In MyCAREER, the flickering issue with a held championship on the home screen has been fixed.

Funny Custom Edits Seen On YouTube

Meanwhile, YouTuber 2K Eater published a video of custom edits to the game by giving superstars entrances of other superstars. For example, The Undertaker was featured with Fandago's entrance in WrestleMania. In addition, BraunStrowman became terrifying in the Ultimate Warrior's gear and Tyler Breeze's selfie stick, Comicbook reported.

The "WWE 2K17" custom video also featured John Cena entering the run as Hugger. Miz was also seen mimicking Nikki Bella's entrance while Brock Lesnar walked out to Goldberg's music. It is expected that "WWE 2K17" fans will follow through with their own custom videos soon. Watch the video below:

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